Coaches Corner



Why and How are the keys to my coaching philosophy – always teaching each player to be thinking players, expecting their best, making realistic expectations. Will I push them – YES, not because it is “my way or the highway”, but because I believe in them. I believe that trust, honesty, and loyalty are the characteristics that are required for a true team to become a family. We all may play different roles, but we must all believe in the direction of the program. Everyone needs to take an active role. Not everyone needs to “be the leader”, but everyone must be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the team.

We need to ask…”how can I help?”

We will get better one step at a time. Wins and losses will occur – but as important is if I can teach each girl to look at their performance (on the field, in the classroom, at practices, with their teammates, parents, opposite teams, and coaches)… we all need to hold ourselves accountable…we all need to feel a sense of belonging.

The girls’ performance means as much as the parents’ performance. They hear your words, see your actions, you are their #1 role model.

I never want anything given to me, or our players. We have to learn to earn…softball is meant to be played for fun – it is a game – it is a challenge. Respect, playing time, trust – all are earned.

WE CAN DO THIS, we need everyone to become dedicated to the same goal. I would never ask a player to do something they are not capable of doing, but I will ask them to push themselves.

BUT WE CAN DO THIS, we can take pride and ownership to make DBHS Softball the best it can be for 2015.

We will have an attitude of gratitude – that we have the opportunity to work together to represent DBHS.

A Good Team is a Family and a Good Family is a Team

Welcome to the DB Softball Family!!!!

We Believe.

Coach Huddleson