Program Guidelines

Program’s Philosophy

As a member of the DBHS Softball Team, you will be representing yourself, but your family, your school, and your community. It is imperative that you conduct yourself in a mature manner both on and off the field, especially in the classroom. We recognize the important role in which athletics can play in our players’ character development and the importance of living a well balanced life. We ask that each of our players dedicate themselves to their family, academics, then our softball program. We support our players playing other sports and on other teams, but we require that when DBHS Softball in in season, our team is the priority over these others.

Team Guidelines

Along with the below stated guidelines, which are specific for the DBHS Softball Program, all athletes are expected to be aware and adhere to the general guidelines of the DBHS Athletic Department. These guidelines are endorsed b the school district and are overseen by the Athletic Facilitator. These DBHS guidelines can be found on our district website.

  • Players will arrive to practice on time. Outdoor practices will begin at 2:40pm and end at 4:45pm (this is when we will be walking off the fields) Indoor practices will be on a rotating schedule (see attached sheet) and are established by the Athletic Facilitator. Varsity will practice 7:30am – 9:30 am on Saturdays. We will let you know via text ASAP for any needed schedule changes.
  • We encourage all athletes to attend academic tutoring. If you attend or if you need to be late to practice due to another DBHS function (band, clubs, etc.), please obtain a note from the instructor and give it to coach when you return to practice. We ask that you come to the team first, tell coach, get changed, then head to your meeting. You will need to take all your practice supplies with you as the team room is locked at 2:40 when we head out to practice.
  • For all home games, all players are required to stay to support both our teams. If one game finishes early, we will join the other team to show support. It is our goal to build team spirit in our program.
  • For away games, all players are to ride the bus to and from the games. Many team building activities happen on the bus and it is a great way to build our program. In the event that a player has an appointment of family function and needs to ride home with their parent, please provide an email to Traci prior to the game. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU MAY ONLY RIDE HOME WITH YOUR PARENT, NOT WITH A TEAMMATES’S PARENT OR A FRIEND.
  • Players are expected to attend all practices and games. There are NO unexcused absences allowed. Unexcused absences include part time jobs or other activities not related to school. Excused absences include illness from school, family emergencies, college visits, and school-sponsored activities. Please arrange your schedule so you will not miss practice or games, unless for an emergency.
  • If you are injured, we will refer you to our trainer at the high school. If you are referred to see a doctor, you must present a note from the doctor clearing you to participate.
  • All players need to have a baseline concussion test completed by our trainer.
  • Players will be issued a locker with a lock attached in the team room
  • Players are asked to keep an empty water bottle in their team locker o that they can fill it daily for practice and games
  • All Activity Fees are to be paid in full or clearance given by the Athletic Facilitator, PRIOR to a uniform being assigned to a player.
  • Parents and players should understand that this fee simply entitles the participant to a place on the team. It DOES NOT guarantee playing time in a game or ensure specific positions on the team. Those decision will remain with the coaches.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will DBHS Softball players wear their team uniform to school or in the community unless approved by the coaching staff. This is to promote the longevity of the uniforms.


Coaches ask that you email Traci by noon of any given day that your daughter is not in school. Practice and game plans are created prior to arriving each day, therefore it would be helpful to know if a player will be absent.

No player cell phones will be on during practice, games or on the bus (unless approved by the coaching staff) please call Traci’s cell if you need to contact your daughter during these times.

Players will call parents when the bus is 10 minutes from school on our return from away games