What is Daniel Boone High School Softball About?

“A time to have fun and play a game that I missed playing for years.”

“It is a family…it’s about leaning on your sister.”


“Having fun, playing with passion, learning, sisters. hard work, and dedication”

“Fun, Friendships and Family.”

“It is about having fun and playing the game that I love.”

“It is about being together as a family and having fun playing softball.”

To me, it is about family. everyone is so closely knit that we are sisters.

“Being a family. I’ve only been with these girls for a few months, and I already feel like part of this awesome family.”

“DBHS Softball is not only my team, but it is my second family.”

“It is so much more then just softball to me. We are not only a softball team, we are one team, one family.”

“DBHS Softball is about being a part of something great and doing something I love.”

“A family!! Everyone gets along and has a great time.”

“It is about teamwork. It is about building each other up and going on and off the field with confidence.”

“DBHS Softball is a family. We are sisters of the diamond who are constantly supporting each other.”

“It is about coming together as a team, learning to play the sport, supporting one another and competing to win. Softball is more than a sport it is our passion. It is what we do.”